I’m not your average business coach.

Because you might think I will only focus on money, right?

Well, I don’t.

I believe that when we do the real work, money is just a natural part of the process.

In my world, money is the currency of trust.

When I meet clients that say they don’t make enough money, I try to find out where are they are distrusting themselves, their value and their voice. When that answer is found - a new chapter always begins.

A lot of people tell me “it’s hard” being an online entrepreneur.

I don’t agree.

It’s hard when you don’t do the foundational work, and keep running to the next thing.

It’s not easy if you try to be like everyone else. Because you will have millions of people saying and offering the same thing as you do.

I want you to be fully you, and step completely out of box.

I’m not a normal business coach, because I will talk to you about your intuition, and being in alignment. I want you focus 100% of your energy on what you came here to do, and have it fragmented all over the place.

I want you to become your biggest supporter.

Because, when you are out of alignment with yourself, feeling bad about how you show up in this world, eventually you start procrastinating and distrusting yourself.

And that’s when we enter a negative spiral, that makes us sick, tired and stressed.

Most of my clients, have been in business for many years - But still - Many of them have been more focused on serving others then themselves, and had to go back and get really clear on what they wanted to offer the world, and how they wanted to offer it.

Even though I have had the honor to experience a lot of successes with my clients -

I’m not a magical marketing unicorn.

I just follow a different methodology in business. I don’t like marketing manipulation, scarcity and hard-sell. I want to be me, even when Im pixelated on a photo or writing these words. Also, I do believe in magic, and I absolutely love unicorns :)

I guess that’s the other part of me that does not make me a normal business coach.

I say “Love” and “Dear” to my clients. I host Ayahuasca retreats, and I’m a meditation teacher.

I talk about spirituality, self-trust and mindset - as much as I talk about conversions and KPI’s.

( If that does not make sense, I will teach you later - again as I said - the basic stuff we all have to learn )

Also, as a business coach - Im not interested in competition. Because why compete, when we dont have to? I focus on being the best for those that I serve.

…And so should you, love :)

And if there is one thing I want you to take away from coming all the way down on this long copy:

You dont have to suffer, even if your mission is to to serve others

We didn’t make a business to sacrifice ALL of our time and money.

We also want more freedom, more time, more abundance so we can create more possibilities for ourselves and our families.

I want you to become your happiest, most fulfilled self - because that’s when you TRULY can serve others, and the world.

I want you to make a positive business. Not a business build on lack mentality, and scarcity.

Because the scarcity model, does not work well long term, or as a life or marketing strategy.

I want you to feel the expansion, growth and glow and be fueled by your passion and purpose.

- And have the profit you truly deserve.

I want you to have FUN, not always stressed out and anxious about money, the next clients or the next marketing gimmick.

Let’s strip it all away.

Let’s start with blank pages.

Let’s see what really matters, and build the foundation on what you truly want to offer.

Let’s be simplistic. Let’s make a business and a life that is easily sustainable and not to expensive or complex to run.

Let’s focus on one thing, and do that one thing AMAZINGLY WELL!

Because the truth is this:

We dont need all the apps, the systems, or all of these marketing strategies.

We only need you.

I am here to work for your transformational potential. For all the people that will connect with you, so you can help them transform their lives. The mothers, the daughters, the dads and sons. The grandmothers and grandfathers.

Over the years, I have read thousands of testimonials for the programs I co-created with my clients.

So, I have read the future stories of the transformations your clients will share with you.

And that is why I love my job, because I know how important your impact will be.

For me, money is not a brand.

You are.

So I’m here to support the business of you being fully you, in the most impactful way possible.

Let's start with your transformation, first.

I’m ready to show you a different way to do this work.

And if you are ready, just add your email and we will get started right away.