You are super talented. 

You are brilliant in so many ways,

you feel you have to limit yourself.

If you show up with all that you are,

it will be too much you say.

Have to blend in.

Have be like everyone else.

Don’t stand out too much.

That can cause problems.

But honestly,

you always knew this simple truth:

You are different.

People picked it up a long time ago.

When you sat at the first row at school,

or all the way in the back.

Never in the middle.

Your energy made some people angry,

others scared and annoyed.

So you dimmed your light down.

Only shared the stories that made others laugh

or see you smaller than who you really are.

Now you have so many great ideas

So many stories to share

So much experience and wisdom

But at the end of the day,

nobody hears about it.

Your real story never makes any headlines in your life.

Your internal publisher,

is a judge you can’t control.

As long as your authenticity is unexpressed,

you’re okay.

You only show a fragment

of who you truly are

You want to feel powerful,

but there is something missing.

The story that makes it all relatable:


You know you came here to create a massive impact

And now,

it feels like time is running out.

You want to wake up each day,

and feel 100% of your energy

supporting you.

Not running away from you,

or chasing you.

You want to stop playing


You want to start playing


$440.000 Success Story

Amy Porterfield interviewed me and my previous client about our success using my transformational sales system.

The total sales from my method generated my client $740.000 in sales, using only $10.000 in ads - from a previous revenue of only $25.000,-

In geek terminology - that’s a 1500% increase in sales within a year.

Listen here


David helped us rocket into a new galaxy, taking our revenues over the 7-figure mark

Working with David Vox was one of the best decisions we ever made. He took a completely unique approach to our business and products, treating them as a whole narrative and designing creative ways to connect with our audience that were fun, totally out-of-the-box and his true zone of genius. Best of all, none of them were pushy or hard-sales techniques that always turned me off and made me scared to do much marketing. The ideas were organic, followed a clear narrative and spoke to our customers' needs. And the results revealed that, as we doubled the sales of two major product launches while working with David. He is a creative genius and also a sharp business mind, a combination one doesn't always get in one place! Working with David helped us rocket into a new galaxy, taking our revenues over the 7-figure mark

Ophira Edut,


I increased my sales with six figures, and got bigger offers and opportunities coming my way

Working with David was a game changer.

For years I struggled with trying to figure out how to describe what I do and what my program is about. It was a huge source of stress and limited my ability to step into my full potential. Since working with him and creating a clear marketing strategy not only did I increased my sales with six figures but more offers and opportunities have been coming to me. It was a paradigm shift and once I was able to see myself and what I offer clearly, so could others. Less stress and more success. Even if I wouldn’t have made any sales, the work we did together changed me not just my business and I will benefit from that forever.

Patricia Moreno, IntenSati