Coaching Packages


My job is to think bigger then your wildest dreams.

Then, turn into reality with you.

Select a coaching package based on where you are today, and where you want to go.


Idea to market

For startups working on their pitch, to phd’s

You need to get the consept ready, the big idea that has to be flawless.


Complete clarity, from ifra to market: 7 week coaching program with 5 lessons, and 7 homework lessons to be reviwed before sessions: $7997

Single hour: $1750-


ready to market

Your concept is ready, your design, pitch, pr deck is ready. You need someone to check over the overall styrategy and long term sales goals.


Example feature. Aenean tristique id nulla.

Example feature. Aenean tristique id nulla.

Coaching starting at $750- per hours.


Collaborator - With 6 figure launch guarantee

You want someone to lead this for you, and make sure it gets done. You are ready to make your platform a ferrari that other influencers can take for an affiliate ride..

You have the talent, the platform and the content. But when it comes to creating a product and sales - it stops with the dreading experience of your previous launch.

I come in with my team to do the brainstorming to reinvent the products into something that sells above industry stan dards - a guaranteed 6 figure launch.

I am probably the only onbe that guanratees a 6 figure launch, if not - I charge no commission for my work.

To collaborate with me, you need to have a platform with a minimum of 50.000 active subs. and an engagement in one or several social networks.

Apply below.

I usually work with 1-2 clients yearly.


Price for collaborator starts at $5000 monthly overt 12 months. ( Minimum retainer starts at 60.000 - addition al costs for production and ads. An example launch budget can be found here. This is not an affordable option for someone starting up, and your revenue shnould cirrently be above 500K to invest in this option, there are many avenues toi try before someone comes and do this for you, as above.

All collaborators pay an additional 20%-24% commission for sales over $100.000