You have 5+ years experience.

You have amazing results with clients.

You tried every marketing gimmick

Results are not what you except.

Why cant people understand your value?

Why is this so fucking hard?


Module #1: The Front Door

We dont have to create a new dialog;. It’s already going on in your clients head, right now. They wake up, and thinking about how to change their lives. The go to sleep, wondering if what they could do different. We need to enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind. That’s the front door, of the entire building og your business - and this is where most get it wrong. They try to create a multiple doors for someone to enter, when they dont even understand why they should enter the first door!

We need to validate the dialog that is already going on, and this is the first narrative. Over 7-days, you will choose between a set of questions, social posts and email templates - how you want to validate this narrative. This is the first building block, of a rock solid narrative.


Now, we can effectively communicate with our audience, form a dialog that they already have active, instead of trying to create something “new”

Once this is validated, we have the first step to our narrative.

Module #2: The First Room

When someone enters into the building of our house, what do we ask them to do? Take of your shoes, feel like home - and ask them for a cup of tea or coffee. We dont start lecturing them, we start asking some basic question - like “How are you, how’s the kids?” We don’t ask them about their traumas or start lecturing them. We want to open the space, for them to feel save, and supported.

The first room, needs to be elegant and sophisticated, and engage them in starting to TELL their stories.


People take off their shooes - meaning, they decide to fully enter your house. If they keep the shooes on, they never entered.

MODULE #3: Coffee