The Hero Brand

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Transformation is not a car or a lipstick, and can’t be promoted in a normal harsh and hard-sell marketing way.

At least not if you want a loving, long-term audience that cherishes your integrity, and wants to pay you top-dollars for your expertise.

So to be able to promote what we provide - we need to be able to communicate the journey of transformation.

I use a simple blueprint, used for 30.000 years: The Heroes Journey.

No matter what culture or country people belong to, they know the heroes journey, because it is deeply imprinted in our figurative, subconscious and archetype understanding of the world.

The first step for any transformational leader, is to claim their transformational space - and get total clarity to WHAT PART of the transformational process they are serving.

The first step for my clients, is to create complete clarity on what the transformational journey looks like.

We need one simple narrative, that stands out and attracts those seeking this transformational adventure.

If we do not understand how to speak to their internal narrative - then we will have to seduce / sell / manipulate people to get interested and see the value of our offer.

In my system, we dont try to sell to people who dont see our value, or simply dont like us.

There are millions of people, right now, ready to take the investment you would ask to get one specific outcome.

Our job is to get clear on our main outcome, and learn how to express this with a simple validated narrative.

Many do the following wrong:

  1. To many promises ( Called Transformative Destinations - meaning, you cant promise them to go to China and Italy on a one way ticket to New York.. )

  2. To much content - Simply to much information that becomes like noise, you need clarity in what to say and where