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The PD Elite -

Most professionals in personal and spiritual development, struggle when they create a brand or business online. Who’s methodology shall they follow? Most marketing gurus give them a hard-sell bundle that scares clients away, since we are selling healing and self devlopment - we need a new system. And this system, is called The Trustopreneur



Mastermind Group

Join for monthly calls with elite professionals, claiming their global impact.

($500 monthly )


1-1 Coaching

It´s not that easy to know where to take your business these days, The options are endless. It´s not easy as a professional, to rub your own ego and scream loud and clear out the world


And as a personal brand, your integrity is the key to your clients trust. So you don't want to waste it on some harsh hard sell propaganda.

You want to know how grow big, while simplifying your business.

You want to make a maximum impact with your platform and reach more qualified leads.

And you want to stop trying to figure it out, and talk to an expert that actually have a proven track record of doing exactly that.

Right now, being here - you are moving by far beyond your competition already.

What I can teach you, is not taught anywhere out there. It is why top 5 universities like ( NAME ) ask me to speak to their MBA students, and top business podcaster like Amy Portefireld creates a double episode around my strategy. It's why Forbes put me in the article serie ( Name ) And why over

My retainer prices start at 75.000 plus comission. ( And yes, my prices are real not a marketing gimmick - just ask my clients :)